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Umm…hi. Hello. How are ya? How are things? Did Larry ever get that tooth taken care of? Yes, you’re right, I’m sorry, that is none of my business. I guess I’ll just get right to it. So, this is the voice of Swinn, and I will be your connection to the inside scoop. Scoop of what you ask? Well, to tell you the truth,I really have no idea. Maybe it’s not a scoop. Maybe it’s more of a spoonful. Or how about dollop, as in dollop of Daisy? Yes, that’s much more appealing. It’s official. I’ll be your connection to the inside dollop. I guess I’ll start out by elaborating on who we are. Swinn Exhibit is our full name, and we are a very small company made up of photographers, musicians, songwriters, designers,and athletes based out of Austin, Texas.

But more than anything, (as I grab you by the sides of your face and look intently into your eyes), WE ARE CREATORS!. Our name is Swinn Exhibit because to us, each item that is in our store is an original, important, and magical creation that is only a small sliver of one large, never-ending Art Exhibition. As students of Fine Art, creators of fine art, lovers of commercial art, and participants in the contemporary world, we find inspiration in common sources like music, film, Nutella (it’s the original hazelnut spread, people!) and television. But just like Pop Artists such as Claes Oldenberg, Andy Warhol, and Jeff Koons, it is mainly our observation of the evolving American culture that invokes the most inspiration. It is our mission to take our personal concept of fine art and apply it to every aspect of our collection of apparel and accessories.

Basically, our approach is to take our love of fine art and commercial art, and marry the two. (As soon as it becomes legal). As for now the loins of our imagination will be exclusively displayed on the world wide web for you to view from the comfort of your own home. However, this ain’t no disco or flea market, kids. So, just like any other reputable establishment, there are some rules.

Number one- we kindly ask that you wear a blazer while browsing our website. (We do realize the level of difficulty involved when wearing a Snuggie, but there are no exceptions to this rule). Oh, and no talking. And umm, no food or beverages or crossing your arms or popping your neck. Also- ONLY PURE BRED animals are allowed in the vicinity when is actively running. It’s a respect thing. Ask Aretha. Perhaps we are weirdos, but for our entire lives we have cherished certain random items for their uniqueness and just for the initial impression that it made on us.

And we want to make those types of items ourselves. I mean, haven’t you ever had a cray cray level of affection or adoration of a certain belonging? Whether it was a pair of sunglasses, a hat, a poster, or a pair of shoes, every time your pupils landed on it, your feet automatically started moon-walking and suddenly you were surrounded by a choir of children singing that Dirty Dancing song about having the time of your life? And then they lifted you up, spun you around, tossed you up in the air, and you landed in the arms of the cast of Full House? And Becky had just made a batch of cookies? And it’s the high school years and D.J. is lookin’ kinda hot? You mean that’s never happened to you?? Well, that’s about to change.

Because Swinn Exhibit is dedicated to creating items that are special. That’s all we want to do. We just want to create interesting art that is special and tickles you in places that you like to be tickled. (We mainly mean your heart, but to each his own).

Bra Sizing

We recommend choosing your Swinn bra size based on the width of your normal bra band, regardless of your cup size.  We have had the most consistency in perfect fits using this method.  Some women prefer to go down a size to ensure that the bra is higher in compression.  For example, choosing a size Small when you're a 36C because you like a tighter fit.  If you have any questions or would like our advice on sizing, please email us at  We are here to help!! :)