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About Us

We, (Abby and Jordan), created Swinn in 2012 in Austin, Texas when we flipped a coin and it landed on "Tails." Tails meant, "Start Swinn." Heads meant, "go to Magician School." So I'm thinking we definitely got lucky with the flip.

We believe in creating one of a kind, special garments crafted of the utmost quality that are comfy enough to be worn all day, yet durable enough to wear in the gym. Our mission is to use Swinn as a vessel to help EMPOWER & UNITE all females through our art, sense of humor, and voice.

We're just 2 regular girls who sing songs to our pets and struggle with eating Kale instead of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. We struggle with working out over watching one more Bravo episode. Over the years we've been uber healthy, fallen off the wagon here and there (because brunch), and then jumped back up into the healthy saddle. Here's the thing.

We think activewear is too SERIOUS. It's like you need to have a glistening six pack and carry a personal "Macros Journal" to feel worthy of wearing certain outfits. Pair that with all of the other impossible pressures and beauty standards forced upon all of us, and WHOA! Way. Too. Much. Serious. So when you're ready for a break, you come to Swinn. We make activewear for your fun side with art that is funny, creative, relatable, and clearly from a woman's perspective. There's always a place for you here at Swinn. Whether you're an avid gym goer, a marathon runner, or a couch potato, you'll love our garments. It can be ridiculously tough out there for us girls. We don't want to add to the pressures. We want to create a sense of camaraderie. Let's all be BFFs.

One more thing. It is SO important for you to know that our "pieces," (just like an art gallery), start from scratch, and are made here in America in limited quantities. We source our own fabrics, and we design and custom print everything. Starting from a sketch, we agonize over every detail, from the fabric to the colors, to the size and fit. There are literally a million decisions that go into each garment, and we make each one with the utmost level of care and precision. It is our passion and goal to merge fashion with fitness to create a never-ending source of fun, bright, colorful, and unique products that you treasure.

Because we really care about you and want to make you feel special.


Bra Sizing

We recommend choosing your Swinn bra size based on the width of your normal bra band, regardless of your cup size.  We have had the most consistency in perfect fits using this method.  Some women prefer to go down a size to ensure that the bra is higher in compression.  For example, choosing a size Small when you're a 36C because you like a tighter fit.  If you have any questions or would like our advice on sizing, please email us at  We are here to help!! :)