What is Swinn?

Girls are freaking awesome.  And that's what we are, and that's what you are.  And that's why we created our brand, SWINN.  We want to help empower all females through our original art and perspective. It just so happens to be through the medium of active wear instead of a canvas.
Our priorities in random order:
  • Customer Service (You are so important to us).
  • Making girls feel strong, awesome, and beautiful
  • Create products you cherish
  • Create products of the highest quality
 We are artists and athletes.  Arthletes, if you will.  And we believe in creating one of a kind, special garments crafted of the utmost quality that are cool enough to be worn on the street and durable enough to wear in the gym. We like to say that we put the fun in functional, and we are where novelty and necessity meet on the bridge and kiss. We also like to say we are the Michael Jackson of sports bras.  And we've got another- it's always sports bra season.  So, like we have a lot of sayings.  (We'll add more later since that's not enough).
We, (Abby and Jordan), started Swinn in 2012 in Austin,Texas.  The brand is representative of who we are as people, and you'll definitely see that in our graphics.  We are both really funny (is it okay to say that?), and sarcastic, and we love pop culture, and pop music, and indie music, and Game of Thrones, (well, Jordan does), and everything at Ikea, and food that we probably shouldn't eat, and we struggle with exercise motivation, and we talk in funny voices to animals, and these days we both seem to enjoy watching SNL over going to the club. So, as we see it, we are every girl.  But most of all, we are DRIVEN to use our brand as a way to unite females through art, fashion, fitness, and humor.  It can be ridiculously tough out there for us girls.  Always told we gotta be this, and gotta be that.  Well, to be honest, we are sick of that top shelf  BS.  We believe that we are already amazing just the way we all are, and as soon as we realize it the more power we have to change the world.  And we want you to know that.  You are perfect.   So let's just stop listening to the haters and do something important like ride a horse or read a book, or eat a baby carrot, or clean out an old purse.  Anything is more important than listening to haters.  
It is so important for you to know that our "pieces," (just like an art gallery), start from scratch, and are made here in America in limited quantities.  We source our own fabrics, and we design and custom print everything.  Starting from a sketch, we agonize over every detail, from the fabric, to the colors, to the size and fit. There are literally a million decisions that go into each garment, and we make each one with the highest level of care and precision.  It is our passion and goal to merge fashion with fitness to create a never-ending source of fun, bright, colorful, and unique products that you treasure.  Because we care about you and we want to make you happy.  We really do.