3 Reasons Why You Should Replace your Traditional Bra with a Sports Bra

Even though the active-wear trend has exploded within the last couple of years, leading some of us to replace blue jeans and slacks with leggings for any and all occasions, (*cough cough* ME *cough cough*), some women are still wondering if they should swap out their traditional bra for a sports bra outside of the gym.  The answer is YES.   


We are going to give you the top 3 reasons why below.  (This is a perfect time to go put one on to make yourself comfy to read this article.  Go ahead, we'll wait).


1.  They Can Reduce Long Term Sagging and Breast Pain

According to a professor of Biomechanics at the University of Portsmouth in England, “breasts move far more than ordinary bras are designed to cope with.”  Unlike arms and legs, which are made up of naturally supportive components like bones and muscle, your breasts are comprised of mainly mammary glands and fatty tissue, which can stretch like a rubber band over time.  Without proper support, the skin and Cooper’s ligaments (ligaments near the breast which give them their size and shape) can break down and start to sag. 


Once these ligaments stretch out, they don’t bounce back, unfortunately.  You may not be doing plyometric exercises throughout your day, but your breasts are in motion, whether you realize it or not.  Sports bras are built to encapsulate breasts, which prevents up and down, side to side, and in and out motions. 


In other words, sports bras keep your breasts contained and pulled in closer to your body- providing maximum support, whereas your traditional bra leaves room for unwanted movement.  Over time, this lack of encapsulation can lead to premature sagging, long-term sagging, tension and pain on your shoulders, as well as pain in your breasts.



2.  Sports bras are SOOO much more comfortable

I mean….have you ever worn a sports bra?  Hello, comfort.  Seriously.  These days when I put on a regular bra, I’m like, “what is this thing that makes me really cranky from constantly adjusting, and afraid to lift my arms?”  (This is a professionally fitted bra, too).  


 Traditional bras can be so awkward, feel unnatural, and just be flat out uncomfortable.  It digs into my shoulders, and it always seems like one strap needs constant adjusting.  It steals my attention away from more important things. (I hate being restrained by a piece of clothing- especially one that I can’t take off in public like an itchy cardigan!)


When I put on sports bra, I feel free and firmly supported.  I feel like it’s a part of my body instead of feeling like I’m wearing something clumsy on top of my body. When I'm comfortable, I'm a much better version of myself.  I'm sure that goes for you too.  


3.  Sports Bras Keep You Dry and Smelling Fresh

Here's the thing….you sweat.  Like, all day.  Some of us more than others, (especially if you live in Texas), but sports bras are like wearing a Sham-Wow towel around your breasts.   That may be a slight exaggeration, but most sports bras are made with Moisture Wicking fabric, (high percentage of polyester), which draws moisture away from the body, then spreads it out in order to evaporate easily on the outside of the fabric. 


This results in you staying cool and dry.  Cotton (which many traditional bras are made from), absorbs 7% of its weight in water, with moisture wicking fabric only 0.4%.  That’s a big difference! This results in your bra feeling heavy and damp instead of dry, breezy, and smelling of roses. 



In conclusion, the answer is YES!  Sports bras can be worn outside of the gym for an overall better experience.  You’ll be cooler, drier, more comfortable, and you’ll feel fully supported.  One more advantage is that you’ll be ready to jump on a treadmill at any time of the day!